Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cough up the treat.

Treat? for me? do you have food? I'm sure you had some in your pocket earlier. In fact, I know you did. Can I have some. Yes I like the beach, but GIVE ME THE DOGGONE TREAT NOW. That's please, actually.
Me likey beach.

But me lovey what's in your pocketttssssss....


Flossikens said...

Hey tin tin =] I wish i could go to the beach but i have no idea where the closed one would be to me =[ Looks like you had fun there

much love
floss xoxo

Anonymous said...

Greetings my precioussss.... You'd not find fare that which is my pockettesssss... Though I sure you would eat it anyway..... ;-)

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there Floss,

Like I said on your blog, best to get the human to take you to the beach, they know the best ones and there's always some great fishy smells down there.

Plus some food that lazy humans leave behind them.

Tin Tin

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

And Anon,

I'd find it, believe me! ;>3

Tin Tin

Bella the Boxer said...

Hi Tin Tin,

Me likey the beach, too...but the beach here in Oregon is really, really cold! Can I come visit your beach instead?

xoxo - Bella

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hee hee,

Bella babe you'd be most welcome to come romp with me on the beaches of Adelaide...

...Henley Beach is where this photo was taken and it's really nice.

Lots of interesting smelly stuff, depending on the weather, sea conditions etc.

It gets cold and windy in winter (ie at the moment), but then you get fooled by the lovely sunshine during the day and forget the cold.

A bit confusing, actually, for a poor tropical dog like me.

Tin Tin

Eve said...

HI Tin Tin,

Great blog! I see you are always hungry like me. Mum never feeds me enough. I love biccies too and banana's and Kong's anyway I will try and swim your way next time I am on my beach.

*woof* Taz & Eve