Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Meet Perry and Pipkin the twins. They ain't cows.

Perry and Pipkin (can you guess which one is which?) are the twin kids.
P1: Where's nanny? P2: Dunno. P1: I am soooo over that billy-the-kid joke. P2: Errr, are you recording this? P1: Who is this blogdog Tin Tin, anyway? P2: Dog-dang blogarazzis. Can't even shit in peace.
They live in Canberra with Georgie. I live in Adelaide. (How does this long-distance thing work anyway?)

Their mum and mine used to play (really excellent) music together.

Perry and Pipkin are very cute, although there's a good chance that they'd treat me to several Zidane-like head-butts.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

I always liked the word "headbutt". In fact I like to use it as a noun. "Hey headbutt! More Guinness over here in my bowl"

Just kidding, butt then again . . .


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Grrrr Cal,

I like your thinking.

I like to use the word "headbutt" as two words 'cos then it becomes kinda sniffy, ya know?

Guinness never gets as far as my bowl. As far as I know there's never any left over. You'd think it was some sort of liquid gold, it's so never offered to me. I kid you not...

How else am I going to become an honorary Irishdog? (this is a rhetorical question only)

Chow pal, TT