Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bombón El Perro: mighty dog. Makes me want to go to acting school

We watched my kind of movie the other evening.

It was called Bombón El Perro, a film by Carlos Sorin from August 2005.
What the...? you want me to DRIVE this thing? Did anyone tell you I have no opposing thumbs?
Bombón was an Argentinian Dogo, one of the coolest and biggest lead actors I’ve ever seen.

He managed to look dignified even when slobbering through his jaws (which looked about the size of two of my dinner bowls).
I'm warning you: don't make me have to get up...
The movie was about a kind and kinda sad human who was always doing good deeds for others and who was given a gift of Bombón in return for a good deed.

Bombón transformed his life (as we do) and it's a nice, poignant story about the two of them.

Bombón was a big boy indeed. I wouldn’t want to cross him. Ever.

He made this point a couple of times in the movie.
Wasn't me who farted. Nope, me either.
Apart from that he was a major sad solemn dude for the entire thing, oh, except at the end there when he had a bit of a fling with a gal and he was laughing all the way home in the truck.

Me. One day. Maybe.


Günter said...

I must ask my mum and dad to rent that film. Yes, maybe it could be you one day??


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hi Günter,

Yeah, maybe make it a double appearance, you 'n' me, and split the fee.

Whaddya say?

Tin Tin

PS have added your blog to the list of links I drool over...