Sunday, June 18, 2006

Could I be a scubadog?

My Mum and Dad went away yesterday to a place called Edithburgh on the Yorke Peninsula. They didn’t bring me with them.

Huuummmph. I had to look after the house.

I’ve been there with them before. Lovely long jetty with achingly yummy smells of dead and alive fish and other stinky stuff in the fishermen’s buckets.

My mum and dad went diving. Why can’t I go diving? Maybe too much drool on the regulator? I couldn’t bear not to be able to sniff.

I wouldn’t try and eat the fish, honest, tho’ some of them do look tasty…

…like this globefish that my mum photographed.

And this seahorse that my dad photographed looks like it’d be a bit of fun to chase.

Mind you, this blue crab looks reeealllllly cranky. I don’t like the look of those pincers. They could hurt.

Anyway. When my mum returned this evening I made sure she knew I was unimpressed with being left alone overnight.

I didn’t talk to her for a whole five minutes. Then I forgot why I wasn’t talking to her and dinner made it all ok again.

I love my mum. Maybe next time she’ll take me diving….or at least bring me home some of those fish ‘n’ wriggly things she and my dad meet underwater all the time.

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Kel said...

Grrrrrreat to meat you TinTin. My huMAN dives too, although he hasn't done much of it since I arrived at their place. Something about it being too cold in Victoria . . .

geez, for people who sleep inside with an electric blanket and a doona, they've got no idea about what the word cold means