Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup doggy dreams

It's a pity the Socceroos didn't win the match against Brazil like they did against Japan.

Maybe I could've helped.

Guus Guus...

I could be a Doggeroo. I do have great dribbling skills.

...gimme a call

But I get tired quickly, so I'd need to eat regularly to keep my energy up.

Never mind. I'll stick to earth surface alignment poses instead. Thanks anyway.

My mum would've been shouting for Ireland if they were playing, but they didn't qualify for this world cup.

The world cup must be large. It would fit a lot of food. Mmmmm.

My dad scolded me for sneaking into the car and sleeping there. That's because they left one of the doors open after returning from Edithburgh.

What else is a dog to do when the temperature is two degrees?

1 comment:

Charlie said...

We were sorry when the Socceroos got knocked out. You definitely should have helped them!

Hey, next time let's form a Doggeroo team, representing the nation of dogs. Our pups can play. Ok, maybe their pups.