Thursday, June 15, 2006

A good (million paws) walk spoiled

400,000 dogs, dogs everywhere, bums and smells, oh my dog. Oh, and their humans too.

Anyway a few weeks ago my mum, my dad (he’s pretty cool) and my human 7-year-old sister (I'm very careful round her, more on that later) ‘n’ I went on the RSPCA million paws walk here in Adelaide.

My mum got me from the animal refuge in Townsville, far north Queensland, when I was eight weeks old way back in 1998.

Oh my dog!

So many bums and smells and things, pure heaven.

Then a bath.

Fooled, I tell ya. Didn't bargain on this sneaky business.

A great walk spoiled. Actually it wasn’t that bad. I got some cake, yay.

Yeah cake, so big bloody deal.

My mum wrote a poem about it (the whole thing, not the cake, although I thought the cake was poetry).

Whatever. I'm hungry just talkin' about it.

In fact, he smells like he could do with a bath too.

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