Friday, June 16, 2006

Million paws walk: my mum's (non-doggerel) poem

I mentioned in my last post that my mum wrote a poem.

I'm famous now, I'm in the last few lines of it.

She's a poet.

Here it is:

Four thousand doggy grins
and pooh bins
yummy treats
tails under feet
games and races
heel and chases
bark delight
woof want that cake
pant I’m tired now
lick that’s good
sniffing crotches
smelling bums
water bowls
belly rubs
doggy heaven:
these are the loved ones.
And one gleaming-clean waggy
dalmatian-blue-heeler-lab mix with
I-adore-you-feed-me-now look
post one-million-paws walk.

© OriginalJennifer 2006

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