Sunday, July 16, 2006

Norm's performing coolies. I wanna be their friend.

I ran into Norm's performing coolies a while back up when I was up in Tanunda in the Barossa Valley with my mum.
Do you like us? Can we smell you? Wanna play? Wanna jump up on the ute with us? What are you? Have you any food? Oh for DOG's sake get out of my space! Are you getting our best sides? Get OFF my FACE. Is our hair ok? Get your dang TAIL out of my EYE! Can we do a quick groom b4 the next photo? I NEED to PEE. NOW.
Looks like they were stopping off at the pub for a jar.

I just wanted to lick 'n' kiss 'em all.


wally said...

tin tin,

this is one of the most awesome pictures i've ever seen (not picturing me, of course).

your blog rules.


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Wally, thanks for dropping by.

Yeah, these guys 'n' gals really got me going. I just wanted to mosh-pit 'em, ya know.

You're lookin' mighty handsome yourself, I have to say.

Chow for now.