Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tagged for the Tin Tin perspective: what makes a true doggie friend?

Hellloooo doogs.... I've been tagged by my pawpals the handsome Chester in Singapore and cutie-pie Flossikens in Sydney to share with you my thoughts on what makes a true doggie friend.

Here goes:

Number 1. Gosh I look small in this box. Me, ready to eat anything you offer. Anytime. Or anything I can find. And it doesn’t have to be edible, really.

Number 2. I'm feelin' a bit squashed in here. Me, ready to go for a walk or a drive with you. Anywhere. To the beach, to the hills, or just to the local shop for the paper. Even if we’ve just come back from an outing and I’m dog tired. Whatever.

Number 3. How the feck did you manage to fit me in this thing anyway? Me, no matter how sleepy I am, ready to sniff your crotch, nuzzle your neck and snort and wiggle with happiness.

Number 4. Tin Tin the contortionistadog reporting for duty, sir. Me, making sure you hang out the laundry correctly and supervising you while I’m wriggling around on my back in the grass. Better views from that position.

Number 5. Get me outta here. NOW. That's please, of course. And I still love ya to bits, ma. Me, knowing that you love me and that you’ll always come home to me. Because you were the one who rescued me from an uncertain and possibly short life and gave me this untroubled and loving one. And you know I'm always happy to see you.

Right. There you are. I’m emotional now.


Oh, yahoo...chow time.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I looked around...

Don't mind me, I'm only your dog, you know, your pet, that you saved from a life of misery and who can't believe that YOU'RE NOW PISSING OFF ON HOLIDAYS WITHOUT ME. I'm fine. Really.

...and there they were, sneaking out the door early in the morning, with bags and an apology (oh, and another bone).

See you in a week, she said.

Oh that's great, I thought.

Your favourite dogsitter will come in every day to play with you, feed you and take you for walks, she said.


Don't mind me, don't feel guilty or anything.

I'll be fine.

Just make sure and save up some money for my THERAPY.

Yep, that's what happened. My humans went away - diving in Papua New Guinea, for dog's sake - and left me to mind the house.


It's getting repetitive.

At least I got fed.

And walked.

And entertained.

Should I be thankful?


Am I glad they're home?

Errrr, definitely.

Time to go snuggle and licky mum again.

PS The bone was a very good year.
Aromatic, flavoursome, challenging.
A cheeky little (big) bone.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where's Beau? Can you help? Please? Dognapping is BAD.

I'm Beau. Please help me find my way home. I need to go home.
I s'pose this post is more for Australian readers than any other...

...but it still highlights the fact that there are sick-type humans out there who view dogs as commodities.

Not good. At all.

The story of Beau and his mum is heartbreaking.

Beau was nabbed from a 2.5 metre high verandah which was secured by a gate at the top of the stairs in a property in Queensland. This happened sometime between 8 am and 2 pm on Tuesday 1 July 2003 while his mum Susan was away at work.

The latch was on the outside of the gate. It would have been impossible for a dog to open this latch. It would have been impossible for a dog to jump over the verandah railings. It's extremely unlikely that Beau could have been able to climb over the gate.

Since then, Susan has been searching everywhere for Beau.


She's placed ads in newspapers nationwide. She's contacted vets and dog shelters all over the country. She's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and find her beloved Beau.

To no avail.

In case anyone reads this who might have seen an English Setter - a most unusual breed here in Oz - Susan is crazy to hear about her dog. And get him back.

His best pawpal Jessie has already died of a broken heart.
Please please please help me back to my mum. Aren't I tall? Not many of us English Setters around this country. Still need opposable thumbs to open this damn patio door, though.

What does Beau look like?

Beau is an Orange Belton in colour, which means he has orange/tan markings through his coat and orange/tan spots on his face and legs. He has a white coat (not cream or red).

Beau has a very distinctive face as he has a lot of colouring and spots on his face and he has a sad, goofy look. His ears are long and have a lot of orange colouring.

Beau also has spots on his legs. He has hazel eyes and the pigmentation is missing slightly at the bottom corner of one of his eyes, so there is a small pink mark in this area. And he has a heart-shaped nose.
Aren't I handsome? But really all I want to do is go home. NOW. PLEASE. That's pretty please, actually.
If you've seen Beau the English Setter anywhere at all, at any time, please contact his mum, Susan on tel (07) 5533 7743 or 0427 951 888.

No questions will be asked. There's even a reward.

Although what better reward could there be than seeing a much-loved dog reunited with his mum after so long...

Clicky here for a lot more info and photos of the dashing Beau.

We're hoping here that he finds his way home.


I think I'll go and snuggle up to mum now.

Just sayin'.