Friday, February 23, 2007

Of six-legged chickens. And voting.

Sorry for the infrequent dogpostings, doogs.

The ma is slack. Busy with other things but slack with attention to my important smelly blogplace. What's that about? Does that happen to anydooog else?

Now, for strange things part (i).

This is what we found in our supermarket recently:


Does anyone think that's just plain WRONG?


Gimme some 6-legged chicken NOW.

Oh, and that hydrodog photo of me in the water has been nominated for photo of the month at Dogs With Blogs. Thanks doooogs!

Clicky here and vote, if you haven't done so already. Voting closes Saturday 24 February.

And don't forget to vote for your fave movies in the FIDO Awards. The Tin Tin jury has already pawed in its vital votes.

I'm not in them this year, but I'm prepping my dogmatic skills for next year.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

That day. The day that's in it. Happy it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you bee-itches out there. And doogs.

I love you all, and that’s the truth.

be still my beating wild strawberry jelly heart

Here’s a heart-shaped box of strawberry heart-shaped jellies I helped eat.

any more of those yummy jelly heart thingies?

Here’s a stupid heart-shaped cushion I was supposed to pose with.

whaaaat? they're all gone?

Uh-huh, that went well.

and you expect me to pose still with this non-smelly cushiony yoke?

What can I bark.

feck off.

I got bored.

It’s not like I was cuddling up to any of my favourite gal-pals, like Opy, Chelsea , Cairo, Isabella, Sunshade, Amber & Stormy, Holly, Sophie, Sid, Charlie, Bella, Snickers, Freda (sorry Charlie), Ivy, Fei, Maggie, Meeshka, Onion, Tosca….I could bark on and on…and sorry to those beee-itches I haven't listed... (oh my dog I'm such a slut...).

The thing is, I want to send big howl-outs to all the guys too.

And I'm definitely not going to list all of them.

So here’s to all Dogs With Blogs.

And even those who haven’t heard the alluring howl of the internet yet.

Love, peace and plenty of marrow bones, doooogs.

(Oh yes, I had one of those.

Marrow bones, that is.

Oh yeeeeeeessss.)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Appeasing Apollo

hmmm, i could get used to being carried around. carry me to my dinner bowl, why don't ya?

You're not serious.

oh for feck's sake. now i'll have to SWIM all the way back. i want my maaaaaaaaaa.

Ummm, yes you are, apparently.

You're sacrificing ME to Apollo, the Sun God.

And all while the ma looks on and takes photos!

some quick thinking and swimming and a sacrificial drama avoided.

Whew, some quick thinking and swimming, and a sacrificial drama avoided.

wonder is either of them the sacrifice?

The da and human sister stayed out there, but eventually came back to shore.

No sacrifices this particular day.

Oh, and thanks for everone's concern...I've answered your questions in the comments box of my last dogpost.

Yes the ma is feeding me, she's bulking my food up with raw carrots and cutting back on the ole dry food. And you know what? It's y u m m y.

Friday, February 02, 2007


there's me head and there's me tail. where's the rest o' me?