Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I showed my ma's and Eve's legs in the last post, didn't I? Didn't I? So why shouldn't my pins feature? It's my blog, for feck's sake. So, three out of four ain't bad.

...in Adelaide.

The question is: is it missing because it was hacked off by foul ghouls this hallowe'en?

Skidboot the Magnificent

A dog just ain't a dog, dang it.

There's nothing much more to say.

Click here and be moved by the wonderful Skidboot from Texas.
PS I think I love him.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Meeting Fei's mum, the lovely Eve

Yes, my ma and I got to meet the lovely Eve, Fei's mum, a couple of weeks ago here in Adelaide. She and Caz were in Australia on a whirlwind visit.

I liked her.

A lot.

Even though she didn't bring Fei with her.

Ma she loves me, please let me kiss her, please I just wanna make sure my stink gets  back to Fei, please let me kiss her some more...pleeeeeeeeeeeeease...

But I made sure I left my scent on as much of her clothes as I could.

(Nooooooooo, I didn't pee, get your dogminds out of that there dog-gutter).

I sniffed her, kissed her lots, snorted and cavorted, and she didn't mind one bit.


The two humans gabbled on so much it was like they'd known each other for longer than a few minutes. Yak yakkety yak blah blahdee blah.

But lots of cuddles and compliments for me, so that was okay.

Now, here's the competition.

Which of these entirely sexy (in human terms, anyhow, though me, I'll hump anything) pairs of legs belongs to my ma, and which to Eve?

I. Love. You. I do, ma.

Week's worth of treats to the winner!**

Now, if you haven't already, move on along the cyberway there and visit Fei at her smelly blogplace. She's an absolute cutie.

And actually you'll find the answer there too.

** Hee hee hee, did you really believe that? It'd take a lot more than an ole competition to part with all my nosh.
A duel to the death, maybe.
"Hello. My name is Tin Tin. You took my nosh. Prepare to die." (With bloggedydoggygrovelling apologies to Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dōmo arigatō...

...Takashi Ito-san, for making my day.

This smelly blogplace here is Cool Dog Site of the Day today, according to the lovely people at Dogmark.

I am coolness. Prince of coolness.

I'm keeping great company.

Some o' my equally cool paw-pals include Ranger and Ayatollahmugsy this month, Axel and Fei last month, and Taz and Boo in August. Woohoo.

Bring master coolness a bone, wench

So my smelly blogplace will be in the running for the October Cool Dog Site of the Month. I think there's voting involved.

I'll keep you posted. And keep posting.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Dog*

Hey ma, whazzat? I thinksh I had shum of your alcomoholic lemmingaid. I'm pretty shure there's another dawg jusht there...doin' everythin' I'm doin'...and he loookkksh jusht like me...hic...what'sh goin' on?

North Queensland circa 1999.

* with bloggedydoggygrovelling apologies to James Joyce and Dylan Thomas

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Doggedly bloggin'

Do I look fat in that photo? A bit of lipo mightn't go astray. Dental work is still lookin' good though.  And the pert tail is good. Very good.

Dog interrupted. Ma, you interrupted my reverie. I'd pawsed for thought (groaaaaan).

My paw-pal Dawg over at Dawg Central has seen fit (or had one?) to award my little ole global smelly blogplace with a big yellow circle coloured in green, provin' for once and for all that my smelly blogplace is "bleedin' good".

Who am I to disagree?

Yellow & green. Wot does it mean? It says wot it should. I'm bleedin' good.

Thanks soo much, Dawg.

Get all your smelly butts on
over there and have a good read.


(Ummmm, pretty please.)