Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The day I nearly ran away from home...to be with my pawgal Opy

So there I was on Friday evening last, mindin' my own bizziness, waitin' for the dinner, and the ma comes out and says:

"Great news, Tin Tin, we're going to get to meet Greg! You know, Opy and Charlie's SHD."


One of the two DWB doog-gurus?

Coming here to our shed?

I almost forgot about food, I was so excited.

Maybe I'd be able to catch a whiff of Opyroma off him.

Maybe a bit of her fur would be on him and I could sniff it off, sleep with it on my bed, and dream doooggy dreams.

Or maybe...

...he'd have a big enough car, and the ma wouldn't notice, and I could sneak into the back, and drive off with him, and then help Greg and Brooke and Opy and Charlie to move to their new human kennel.

So, after about 45 minutes, the Gregster rang the doorbell.


We had a blast, him 'n' me.

He played tug with me.

He ruffled my coat.

He cuddled me.

He paid me ATTENTION.

I made sure to bring over to him my orange coz that Opy and Charlie sent me.

I could tell he loved me.

I loved him and gave him big sloppy Tin Tin kisses.

He was one of those humans that, you know, UNDERSTANDS dooogs.

(That's me above doing my best Gruffpuppy look.

Good, innit?

Opy, are you impressed?)

Anyway, Greg must understand weird humans too 'cos he and the ma and da had a good ole chat.

Then he had to go.

Moment of truth...should I stay or should I go?

What do you think I did, dooogs?

Why, it was dinner time. I couldn't possibly leave.

And, well, the ma might have missed me.

So Opy, please forgive me for not being a stowaway in your SHD's truck.

But I came sooooo close....

I'm lookin' forward to playin' with Greg again. And to meeting Brooke. But of course it's Opy and Charlie I want to hang out with.

One day.

Le sigh.