Monday, April 16, 2007

Coz I love you

I’ve missed you doogs, thank you all so much for continuing to drop by my smelly blogplace to check up on me. I’ll be doin’ the rounds shortly to chez vous all…

The ma is busy. So who isn’t? How come your humans don’t neglect your deliciously smelly blogplaces like my ma does?

Le sigh. Hard to find good people these days.

Anyway. Onto one of my fave topics: food.

So a couple of weeks ago, the mailma(n) arrived.

With a box. With my name on it.

huh? does she expect me to eat the box or what?

My ma’s name was on it too, but the stuff was all for ME.

It wasn't my burpday.

It wasn't Christmas either.

Then I thought maybe the ma was trying to get into my good books by paying me some attention.

But there was a certain exciting, delicious, dribbly, delectable, mouth-watering doggy scent from this box that howled E D I B L E.

Sure enough, opening it up revealed…a treasure trove of treats for MEEEEEEEE.

All from my pals Charlie and Opy (sigh…). With a love note. Which I’m treasuring.

Delicious Opy, I mean, treats.

To all you Opy-lovers out there: BIG RASPBERRY. (Ummm, a polite one, of course.)

Anyway, back to the box. Not just a bunch of LOVE HEART biscuits from my gal-pal Opy, but a devilishly orange coz.

Here's the stash:

good-lookin stash there...

Yaaaaay. Finally the coz arrives Down Under.

we will need to remove aka eat this stupid tag

Thank you so much, Opy-gal and Chuxie.

gimme the bag NOW. Please.

The treats are going down a, ummmmm, treat.

The coz sleeps with me each evening.

go away or I'll get embarrassed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a tough chewin’ doooog.

Feck off.

But I have my soft spots.

Talk to the coz. My mind is elsewhere.

(Oh, and black ones too.)