Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tin Tin the tree termite terminator. So how did you spend your Sunday?

A tree that looks like a tuning fork is in our back yard. Trouble is, the tree is almost dead.

The da hooked a chain around it.

And guess who pulled it down?

Before you guess, here's what it looked like. Those termites were havin' themselves a big feed.

Blowin' on the paws, gettin' ready for the pull... this helping?

I feel kinda like how Ao4 or my other Sibe pals must feel when they're pullin' sleds and other stuff.

Tin Tin termite terminator at your service.

Now where's the treat ma?

PS ok so I didn't yank the tree down. The stupid humans thought it would be funny to make it look like I did.

Ha blinkin' ha.

I'll be baaaaaaack.

PPS Bye bye sweet FuFu. And hell-oooo hell-oooo Girl Girl.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dog interrupted

So the ma thought it would be a good idea to take me for a walk on Sunday.

To the beach.
let's go home already
Two problems with that.

1. It was pouring rain. It was windy. And it was cold.
SERIOUSLY. LET'S GO HOME. There's a pawty on.
2. It was in the middle of the DWB Whine and Shes ummm, Cheese pawty.

Actually make that three. Problems, that is.

3. I had a marrow bone to finish.

Here’s the unfinished paw-work.
Nice pawwork.
Big sigh.

Pick a time when I'm socially AND mandibly engaged, throw in some crap weather, then decide to bring me for a walk. How'll I ever train her?

Anyway, it was great to chat to all you bloggydogs and beee-itches at the weekend. What a barkin’ success the pawty was!

To those I didn’t bark at ‘cos of time zone differences or why-ever else, I'm sooo sorry I missed you.

To those with whom I did share a bark and wag, thanks for the lovely experience.

And a particularly big bark out to Opy and Charlie’s humans for hosting, and to Sunshade’s human for co-ordinating.

As soon as the ma has gone through the pawty pix, I might post one. If they're fit for doggy consumption, that is.