Friday, May 16, 2014

Tin Tin Liston: August 1998 – 15 May 2014

Yesterday my beautiful boy left us; he didn't quite make 16 years here.

This photo from just five days ago is the story of an old dog's goodbye to his local beach and a precious moment between me and him in one of his favourite smellyplaces with his two favourite humans: the one kissing him and the one capturing the scene. If we look closely at him as he stands on this beach, we can see the lumps and bumps that eventually wore his resilient body down. We see the surgery scars on his back leg. We see him close his eyes as I kiss him and this tells us that he knows he is nearly ready to leave.

What we don't see is the wonderful backstory that started when a wriggling puppybundle in an animal refuge in Townsville chose this Irish girl to be his furever mum. He trotted at my side during six house moves (three states), nuzzled my neck during three break-ups, and wagged his tail and grinned widely for two make-ups, one engagement, one wedding and many, many miles of beach walks.

He was on Twitter ( and he blogged here and barked virtually with many other doogs all around the world. He was one of the early members of the Dogs with Blogs community set up by Brooke and Greg Lee.

He always reminded me to live and hope in the moment; for him there was always a chance that he'd be given a marrow bone, be brought for a walk, or simply get some quality ear-rubbing attention. He loved going for a drive, especially in my convertible; with the roof down he was a happy windswept doog.

It was hard to believe he was the age he was, which makes it all the more difficult to believe that he's gone. Now the leads and collars hang motionless, his bed is empty, the food and drink bowls are dry, and I must learn to live without him.

Run free, doog. Thank you for choosing to spend your precious life with me and enriching mine. May the marrowbones be juicy and plentiful wherever you are.

Jennifer Liston