Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Smelly barkday to me, dooogs

here's my almost Opy-gal gruffpuppy impression

Hey dooogs, 11 years ago today I was unleashed on the unsuspecting world.

About six weeks later - after being thoughtfully abandoned by some horrible odourless human - I was adopted by my current Irish human from the animal rescue shelter in Townsville.

my human's quite boring but i pretend to be interested. sometimes i just can't maintain the pretence

And my life's been a good one with her (in spite of insufficient food and irregular bone distribution).

dreamin' of marrow bones that i rarely get

So because it's my barkday, here's a nose close-up.

you knows that there ain't no nose quite like this one

...and here's one of me with legs in the air like I just don't care...

i don't care...really, do you still love me?

...but biatches, i still need me some cuddles, belly rubs and shit

Chow for now, doooogs and biatches.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

There's something about Charlie

Charlie the Big Dog: it was nice knowin' you, doog. You're my superhero.

Hey doogs, it's quite some time since I've barked here. I've been all a-twitter lately.

But I want to bark my respects here to my great doog pal, Chucksie-Bux, C$, the one and only bionical Charlie the Big Dog, who left us for good for the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday morning.

Doog, you smelt waft-a-licious – I know that from the fur you left on my ma's pants and on those goodies you and my gal pal Opy sent over.

Safe travelling, doog. Until we meet elsewhere...chow for now.

I'm passing the blog over to my ma (temporary, I promise).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hello, it's Jennifer here.

Robert and I were fortunate enough to have visited Brooke, Greg, Charlie and Opy in Melbourne in June 2008, shortly after Charlie the Big Dog had had his new pacemaker implanted.

We met a gorgeous, golden oldie. He was somewhat puffed with a little exertion, but that didn't stop him welcoming us graciously (and no doubt picking up the scent of our own exuberant Tin Tin). Opy and Charlie were great pals, watching each other but sort of ignoring each other in their own gruffpuppy way.

We all love our dogs. We all think our own dogs are particularly special.

But there was definitely something about Charlie.

He had a wisdom about him, a knowing-ness, a consciousness. Most dogs enjoy their treats, their toys, and make a fuss of their owners and friends.

With Charlie, you felt there was a sense of awareness of his lot, of his great fortune of having such a loving, devoted family who went to great lengths to keep him as healthy as possible without compromising his quality of life.

Those amazing eyes of his just looked, watched and knew.

To see Greg rolling and rumbling with him and sticking his face in that mass of golden fur was just so cute. The two were best buddies. The mutual respect and love was all there.

The second time I met Charlie the Big Dog was when I popped over to visit when Jeannie the Scottish Maiden was in town in May this year. Charlie seemed to be in great health and again I was greeted with a gracious welcome.

How he loved his tummy rubs! Except for his scar, you’d hardly have known he had undergone major surgery the previous year.

For Charlie, it was business as usual, rolling with Greg, cuddling with Brooke, greeting the visitors, keeping watch and doing the Charlie thing.

And now he’s gone.

Here at Tin Tin headquarters we are very sad indeed for the Lee household, and at a loss as to what to say or do.

They’ve lost their gorgeous, golden, much loved king of their castle.

We’re thinking of you Greg, Brooke and Opy. Take your time to grieve, and your time to heal will follow.

RIP, sweet Charlie. It was an absolute delight to know you.