Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas chewing rehearsal

Serious job at paw.

Yep, I'm on track.

Maybe if I ignore her she'll piss off. I'm soooo over that feckin' camera.

Chewing mechanism is primed...

Feck off with that camera, would ya? Bloggy bloggerazzi.


Hee hee hee. Gettin' there with this stinky ole toy. Bring on the next chewjob.

...and standing by.

Bring on those Christmas treats.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Of bandanas, bloggy Blogger and being tagged: six weird things about me.

Blogger’s being a bit of a…ummm…blogger. I have been visiting your smelly blogplaces, but Blogger hasn't allowed me to add my howls recently.

Sorry ‘bout that, ‘cos I have a LOT to bark about.

Thanks for all the butt-sniffs on my last dogpost. Big (bow)wow. My da will be happy (he took the pic).

Specially for Jay, I’ve allowed myself to be photographed wearing the bandana he sent me. Thanks Jay. Bribery and trea(t)chery were essential, of course.

Here I am, looking rather dashing.

I'll. Do. Anything. Or. Wear. Anything. For. A. Treat. That one there, in your hand.

And here’s me scoffing the payoff.

Snuffle snuffle crunch crunch yum yum. Any more?

Now, my paw-pals Finnegan and 3dogcache tagged me.

I’m to list six weird things about myself, then tag six other doogs to do the same.

After much contemplation, here they are:

My ma.
My da.
My human sister.
My dogsitter.
The vet.
The postman.

Yep, they’re weird, and they’re about me.

I tag Onion, Wally, Isabella, Ranger, Toby and Sam I Am.

I’m supposed to leave a comment on their blogs to tell them about it…but bloggy Blogger isn’t co-operating.

So I can only hope they visit my smelly blogplace here and find out.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006