Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Winter solstice: survived thanks to a $7 designer coat.

I'm so sorry I've been a very bad doog pal of late. Can you all forgive me? (well, my slack ma, actually). I'm looking forward to sniffing around your smelly blogplaces real soon.

Now, on to the news.

It's been really cold here in Adelaide these last few weeks, almost as cold as we experienced when we lived in Canberra.

The ma was feeling rather sorry for me sleeping outside at night. I shivered and shook (at appropriate moments. I was actually rather comfy. But you doogs understand it's important to milk the sympathy line for all it is worth.)

So what did she do? Did she buy me a kennel? Nope. Did she allow me to sleep inside (the easiest, most sensible and PREFERABLE option by far)? Nope.

She bought me a coat. A COAT, for Dog's sake.

Me. Tin Tin. Who NEVER wears clothes. Ever.

(Except that one time Jay sent me a bandana, and I posed. And looked handsome.)

Okay, here we go:

See my wagging tail there? The treats made me do it.

My Yoda impression:

"A new coat, I have."

The coat fastens under my (much trimmer) tummy and around my chest.

I hope all you bee-itches out there have noticed how it strains over my dogly chest.

I actually got used to it very quickly. It's lined with real synthetic sheepskin, and although I'm loath to admit it, it has kept me really warm and toasty these last couple of weeks.

Oh, and those things hanging off my collar? My registration tags. The ma thought she'd leave them on like some kind of decoration or something.

So now I'm walking around with relics of my past status hanging off me.