Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tagged for the Tin Tin perspective: what makes a true doggie friend?

Hellloooo doogs.... I've been tagged by my pawpals the handsome Chester in Singapore and cutie-pie Flossikens in Sydney to share with you my thoughts on what makes a true doggie friend.

Here goes:

Number 1. Gosh I look small in this box. Me, ready to eat anything you offer. Anytime. Or anything I can find. And it doesn’t have to be edible, really.

Number 2. I'm feelin' a bit squashed in here. Me, ready to go for a walk or a drive with you. Anywhere. To the beach, to the hills, or just to the local shop for the paper. Even if we’ve just come back from an outing and I’m dog tired. Whatever.

Number 3. How the feck did you manage to fit me in this thing anyway? Me, no matter how sleepy I am, ready to sniff your crotch, nuzzle your neck and snort and wiggle with happiness.

Number 4. Tin Tin the contortionistadog reporting for duty, sir. Me, making sure you hang out the laundry correctly and supervising you while I’m wriggling around on my back in the grass. Better views from that position.

Number 5. Get me outta here. NOW. That's please, of course. And I still love ya to bits, ma. Me, knowing that you love me and that you’ll always come home to me. Because you were the one who rescued me from an uncertain and possibly short life and gave me this untroubled and loving one. And you know I'm always happy to see you.

Right. There you are. I’m emotional now.


Oh, yahoo...chow time.


Sam I Am said...

tin tin~
I like your perspective! making sure you hang out the laundry correctly and supervising you while I’m wriggling around on my back in the grass. Better views from that position. woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

ranger said...

oh i love to see my humans too! my mom can leave for 20 minutes and i am just as excited to see her as if she has been gone for many, many hours.

i bark and nibble on her to get attention. sometimes she walks in and pets me for a second and then starts to talk. i won't have that. she has to give me her undivided attention!!!


Linda Fleming said...

What a great friend you are to your Humans! I am so glad you have such a great home and wonderful Humans to love you.
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

Yep ... unconditional love .. it's what gets us those awesome meaty bones! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You are a true doggie friend, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Ello Tin tin =]

You are one of my bestest best friends ever =]

Get list !!!

Looking handsome in those pictures buddy


Anonymous said...

oh hello Tin Tin!!!!

i just realised you actually called me "handsome" chester! arrrrrrrhhooooo!

completely made my day man.

p.s. i'm sure you make a fantastic friend to both humans and other doggies :)

Unknown said...

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