Thursday, June 22, 2006

Food cult (i)

I am dog.

I’ve started my own religion.

I'm moving towards the's moving towards me...3.45 pm today: worshipping at the altar of bacon and biscuit, Zootz Kitchen Bar, Henley Beach.

And yes, those offerings really were for me because the Zootz high priestess thought I was cute!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh bacon and biscuit....i'm joining your religion already....when is the next veneration?

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Sooon, soon.

Worship will happen soon.

Place of worship as yet unknown.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great day at ZooTz... We love dogs... So bring all your friends and they will also get a ZooTz Doggy Beachside Breakfast...

For the rest of the doggys out there.. we are also starting our own Mobile Dog Wash... So give me a call on 08 8355 2322 to book your bath

Hope to see you soon... ZooTz

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hi Bec,

Thanks for dropping by my virtual kennel and giving me a virtual pat!

Doggy beachside breakfast. Excellent.

Dog wash. Ummmmm, ok once it's started.

Treat at end? Excellent.

I'm sure the Henley & West Beach canine contingent would be delighted to feed at Zootz.

Doggacinos all round. Yaay!