Thursday, July 13, 2006

Internet dating, Dogster and 101 Dalmatians...

In an earlier (dog)post I was wondering how to meet other dogs. That’s in real life.

I also listed my top 17 names for a doggy internet dating service. At that stage, though, I hadn’t come across Dogster.

Oh. My. Dog.

Within a few hours of posting my profile and photos over at Dogster, I’ve made 16 pals, have had 55 views and been given 100 bones! I’m feelin’ miiigh-ttyyy chuffed with myself.

Oh, and today I watched 101 Dalmatians with my mum and human sister.

Is that waggy thing on the left belonging to me? am I wearing an RFID collar? which one am I anyway?

Cruella De Vil. Baaaa-d.

Pongo and Perdita and Rolly and Freckles and Lucky and Patch and ummm, the rest of ‘em...

...big sigh...

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