Monday, August 07, 2006

Event planning, then I ain’t invited.

Remember TinTinEventPlanning for that special occasion. To make that special occasion even specialler. Except DON'T FORGET TO INVITE THE BLOODY EVENT PLANNER, OK? (And yes I meant to shout).Helllooo everyone, thanks to all of you who dropped by and found… ...well, a post from me to say there’d be no post from me for a while.

I helped mum entertain her nephew Mark and his girlfriend Rachel. Happy mum, cousin and girlfriend.

I oversaw the hanging of washing on the line. And I let them play tug-rope with me. I also made sure I was as waggy and jumpy as usual whenever the visitors were leaving or coming back.

All important stuff.

Lots of sight-seeing and eating out, whale watching at Port Elliott, diving (in 11°C hee hee hee), wine tasting (guzzling, actually) at the Barossa Valley, meeting relations at the Central Markets…

I helped my mum plan the whole thing.

Of course it went without a hitch.


How come I didn’t get to those vineyards too?

Rockfords. Penfolds. Wolf Blass. Elderton. Jacob’s Creek. Turkey Flat. Bethany.

I probably could’ve put away a few jars, and I bet I'd have found some food too.

I was left minding the house.

Didn’t even get a bowl of vino to accompany the kibble.

Huh, guess I should be grateful I got any nosh at all.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Tin-Tin,

Same thing happened to charlie and I back in February when mum and dad's buddies came over from the States for a couple of weeks - Charlie and I helped to plan it all, and we were on our best behaviour whilst they were here - then they go and put us in the kennels so they could take them to QLD !!! How rude ! Boy, they had to crawl for a few days when they got back before I forgave them !

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hi Opy,

Yeah, am using the make-em-feel-guilty treatment and it's kinda working... some leftover pasta with my kibble for tea last night, so things are looking up!

Tin Tin