Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy birthday to me!

Yep it's my birthday... woohoo!

woohoo this is the first in a series of three weirdo images...

I'm eight today.

...and here's the second, with me in bits...

And I can't help thinkin' about all the dogs who aren't as lucky as I am...

...and as for this one, well, it's a kinda weird sketchy comic-y thing. Whatever. Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee.

...cos I love my furever home.

Waggy licky hugs and butt-sniff kisses to all my paw-pals.


Kelvin said...

Hello & A Happy Birthday surprise from down under in New Zealand. You know, I think been behind "bars" suits you to a "T" !!!(hehe) I was going to send you some chocolate, but I already 8it.

L^2 said...

Happy Birthday Tin Tin! Hope you have a great day!!!

Willow & Stella

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Happy Birthday Tin Tin! I love my furever home too! Did you get presents or treats? Sure Hope so.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Happy Barkday 2 u
Yappy Barkday 2 u
Happy Yappy Barkday 2 u-u
Happy Yappy Barkday 2 u

Watch out or I will eat all the cookies!!!! I am really good at stealing those!

Bussie Kissies

Daniella said...

Wow, happy birthday Tin Tin and thanks for visiting my blog. I will add you to my links too.

Isabella said...

Happy birthday, Tin Tin! I hope it is the best one ever!
Big Wags and Birthday Smooches-

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tin Tin!!!!!!
Hope you gots lots of Doggie-lollies!!Yum...
Lots licks Jazzy

Charlie said...

Happy B-day, Tin Tin!! I'm barkin' over here to celebrate - can you hear me??!
- Charlie

Freda said...

Hey Tin Tin,

Happy B-Day. Hope your humans waited on you paw and foot all day long. Oh, I guess they do that anyway, don't they? Hope you didn't eat too many treats and other goodies. If I do that I have to go out and eat some grass and then get sick, but dog, do I feel better afterwards.

So you live in Adelaide. WOW! My dad's sister taught in a school in Adelaide for one year about ten years ago or so. And my GDad and GMom have friends in Adelaide that they visited once or twice. He was a supreme justice or somethin' at one time.

And my humans use to live in South Yarra, Melbourne in the 70s. They reeeeally liked it. And Dad reeeeally liked the band 'Skyhooks'. And he liked their lead singer "Shirley". And of course the great 'Norman Gunston' Show. Sooooo funny!!

Tin Tin, are you named after my dad's hero Tintin by Georges Remi a.k.a. Hergé or the band Tin Tin? A coooool name. I like your blog too. Have to check more of it out if I can get my secretary off the magic typer.

May I add you to my Paw Pals list? That would be coool! Thanks.




Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful wishes!

R&J monkey: oh my dog the choccie was a yummy thought, but I understand completely!

Willow & Stella: thanks so much, I did.

Charlie K-C: yep, plenty of treats! See my next post!

Buster: you sure can sing. Hee hee beat ya to the cookies though!

Axel: great to have another paw-pal linked.

Izzy honey: shivering deliciously at those birthday smooches, woof woof.

Jazzy: see ya soon babe!

Charlie: thanks and guess what? I CAN!

Freda: thanks for comin' by! Wow, what a small world. Your folks have a lot of links with Oz, and Adelaide. I'll let you in on a little secret: my mum is a blow-in! She's Irish, but living with my Oz dad (who was born in Austria, yeah really) here in Adelaide. But she has heard of the Skyhooks and the Norman Gunston show - but wasn't raised on them, if ya know what I mean.

And I've already added you to my links I drool over, so I'd be thrilled if you did the same. Yaaaay!

Chow for now, pets, and thanks again to everyone!

Tin Tin xoxo

ranger said...

word up tin-tin! happy birfday! -*w00f*

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late wishes!!!

i'm glad to see that you had a great celebration!!

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