Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just beachin'

Back in the day ‘when I were a lad’ in Far North Queensland, we used to go to the beach almost every day. My ma would throw coconuts into the water for me to fetch. Sounds exotic, doesn’t it?

I don’t know how many I actually brought back to her.


When we lived in Canberra, we were land-locked. We really missed the beach. Mountain trails are good and all, but they're missing something. Oh yeah, waves.

So what I like most about living in Adelaide is…yep, you’ve guessed it…the beach.

My beach.


Look! No paws!

This is me at my beach today. It was hot. I had a swim. I look kinda suspended, don't I?

Have you got my best side? Have you? Have you?

And look at that rather dashing left sand eyebrow. It took me a while to get the angle just so. But it works, n'est ce pas?

I'm bored already. Is it dinner time yet? When are we going? Nothing to see here, move right along.

Here’s me keeping a (sandy) eye out for any unwelcome, ummmm, fishies.

I love you ma, and of course that's got absolutely nothing to do with that humdingerly scrumpilicious treat you're waving the hell out of. Here I come!

And here’s me up close and personal.

That’s what happens when the ma tells me to sit, sits down herself on the sand to take a photo of me, tells me to stay and then waves a treat while she’s taking the photo.

What else is a dooog to do? Why, go for the treat of course.

Just another day at the beach.

Le sigh.

Le bark of content.


wally said...

hey tin tin,

it must be nice to live somewhere hot right now! that beach looks sweet and you are quite the beach babe. do you go swimming or do you just like crashing the waves?


Anonymous said...

Wow, cool pix, TinTin! And you speak French??! Stormy's teaching me. Did you see her post today (Saturday)? I think you'll like the picture she put up of MOI!
Play bows,

Jay said...

Wow!!! I want to go to the beach too... but it's been raining here lately. :(

You looked like you had fun!


Anonymous said...

whoa, next to the beach Tin look like you're having a great time, 'cept for that blue thing that keeps getting in the way of your beautiful face. Ellie wants to know where the ball is?

3paws high five


Boo Casanova said...

tin tin, all those are great, i mean FANTASTIC GREAT, photos!

btw, how sand taste like?

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh beach. Sand between the tootsies, burrowing my nose in the sand, digging to China....Ahhhhhhh.

Bussie Kissies

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

What is that blue thing on your face Tin Tin? I've never seen one of those. Wish it was warm here.


Anonymous said...

So did you have to have a bath at the end? You are one dirty dog!

Anonymous said...

Tin Tin,

I know I can count on you for a visit, but if you come by today I can promise a special surprise...


Sam Iam said...

tin tin~
I live on the coast. Probably half an hour from a public beach that allows dogs on leashes. I just plain never enjoyed the beach as a child because I always got sticky from the salt water, always got sunburned badly, and even got stung by jellyfish a few times.

But walking on the beach is fun. The beach is beautiful. Heck – I can even send a message in a bottle on the same day and kill two goals with one trip.sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures! My mum needs to work on taking more pictures of moi! The beach looks fantastic. Instead, Mum has a space heater next to her feet in her office. *Sigh*



Anonymous said...

Hi Tin Tin!
You are soooo lucky to be able to hit the beach! My Zoey's out playing in the cold, cold snow right now!

I've been hearing lots lately about the Dogs with Blogs Christmas Card Exchange. I'm hoping that you can help spread the word for me...In the next day or two, I was going to put up a page for the Dogs with Blogs Christmas Card Exchange on wikiFido. I'm hoping that I can get the whole crowd to post their Christmas Cards online so that everybody can admire them...What do you think?

Do you think you could help spread the word? That'd be awesome! The page will be going up in the next day or so. Thanks so much!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tin Tin,

I read your blog and got so caught up by your beach enthusiasm that I actually dipped my toes into the water for the first time!! Needless to say, the water here in Oregon is freezing cold so I won't be doing that again until next July..but still, my Mom was very proud of me. Thanks for the inspiration!

xoxo - Bella

Anonymous said...

Hi Tin Tin,
It is so dark & gloomy here now. Your pictures have cheered me up. I need to talk my mom into spending our winters in Australia!

Isabella said...

What a beach hunk you are, TinTin! I think I will put myself in a bottle and hope I float your way!
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

Yo Tin Tin, I love the beach too!! YOUR beach looks so clean, so boootiful!! You know, that waving treat gimmick really works for ya, that was my favourite photo!!! My mum does that too, but she usually ends up getting a big blur from my wet snot..hehe

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Hi TinTin! I linked to you on today's blog - I hope you don't mind!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Wow look at you a bilingual dog. NOt only can you read and write in English but in French too! I am impressed! You are a very brave dog I hate the water!

JustMeCopper said...

Hey Tin Tin. I love your accent. I can hear it in your writing. I live in Georgia. I don't think I have ever been to your blog but I am visiting around today. Love the beach pictures. I have never been to the beach.

Unknown said...

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