Saturday, January 27, 2007

There you are, Comet. Ummm, you look different.

I got really excited earlier this month. I was certain Comet and BLU were coming to visit me, ‘cos I heard the ma and da say that they could see gorgeous Comet.

I waited and waited.

But here’s what they were talking about.

is it a bird? is it a plane?

Introducing comet C/2006 P1 McNaught. (Or maybe it's Boomer's Dog Star.)

The brightest comet to be seen here in 42 years.

no. it's a comet. big deal. now get me another treat 'cos I'm bored.


But I’d prefer a visit from my pals.

Oh, by the way: the ma still hasn't made me any biscuits.

And I'm just back from weird-al-vetkovich after getting my annual C5 shot and do you know what he said? He said I had to lose 5 kilos.

Absolute dog poop.

I need my energy for chewing, looking cute, and harrassing the ma to make dog biscuits.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You have to lose 11 pounds? That's more than half what I weigh big guy!

Bussie Kissies

Isabella said...

That's crazy! You don't need to lose weight- did you tell that vet that you are solid muscle?

How come your mom won't make your biscuits, doesn't she love you? Poor TinTin. The vet is picking on you and your mom is neglecting you.
Big Wags,

Comet said...

hehehe, that does look a lot like Comet. When he gets the zoomies he's a big white blur like that.

We have a vet appointment in a couple of weeks for our annual jabs. I'm not afraid of the scale, but I think the vet will tell Comet to lose 2-3 kg, because he's getting a bit chunky.

We wish we really could come visit you, but the girl said you live too far away.

Joe Stains said...

oooooof dieting STINKS! :(

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

WoW 5 kilos is more than I weigh. Thats awful having to diet.


Texas's Mum said...

Hey Tin Tin
It's great to hear you again.
I read in your post that your vet said that you need to lose some weight. Ha!
My vet said that I have love handles... whatever they are? I love MY love handles.
Anyway I don't think you need to lose anything but I do think you need to gain some cookies hehehe.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

T-man Angel said...

No way Tin-Tin! You couldn't possibly have to lose that much weight...there wouldn't be much of you left! I'd get a second opinion, and keep eating those biscuits in the meantime (or begging mom to make them!)

Thanks for the comet pictures! That must have been exciting to see in person (and in dog!)


Shmoo said...

Hi Tin Tin
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. We certainly do accept other breeds in HULA IF you meet the qualifications:
Some of the most important accomplishments for HULA membership are:

1. Demonstrating disruptive behavior
2. Cause your human to freak out for no real reason
3. Cause human guilt for no reason, other to get attention or treats
4. Destroy something
5. Human behavior modification
6. Being dressed up as something for the humor of the humans
7. Love of kleenex

Check out the qualifications and the cool certificate you'll get if you meet all of the qualifications on my blog here:


Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Oh my gosh, you caught me zooming by your house!!!!!

Those are such beautiful pictures Tin Tin, you are so lucky to have seen the comet.

And I say forget about the 5 kilo's, you look good to me.

Thank you for your kind words regarding my grandma. We pooches and my folks really appreciate it.

Tierre Williams said...

Beautiful pictures, Tin Tin! That is so cool!

Charlie said...

Those are great pictures, Tin Tin; did you take them?! It's so cool to be able to see the great comet of 2007!!

On the diet front - what is it with the vets?, cause mine said the same thing. I think there's a vet conspiracy - they want all our dog food for themselves!
- Charlie

Loui (and his mum!) said...

My mum loves that picture and I have to say I love you! Oppps I love everyone actually but I love that photo too!

Loui xx

Finnegan said...

Cool pictures! Mummy and Daddy have to watch my weight too since I am missing a leg and all.


Simba and Jazzi said...

They are great photos. 5 kilos, wow good luck with that.

Simba xx

Nat said...

Maybe everybody else just needs to put on five kilos.

Chelsea said...

Vets need to stop telling our hoomans that we need to lose weight!

Where's all the fun in that?


Tigersan said...

5 kilos! Oh my, that is 2 of me!

Thanks for the "sentence fun"... me wish me wasn't so busy that me could have more fun online!

Sunshade said...

have you had a lot of strangers at your house lately? Is that why you have to lose 5 kilos??

I'm so happy you are back, sorry I've kinda of been out of touch, because of STINKY.. Hey, I like your suggestion about you know... drowning.. a certain someone..

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey my sweet Tin-Tin,

Noooooooo, you don't need to lose any weight - you are one pure stud, full of muscle and sex appeal. I wouldn't have you any other way :-)


PerfectTosca said...

Woe I never seen a comet before! Where can I get one????

Listen, Tin, you do NOT need to lose weight. I love you just the way you are.

Hammer said...

Hey Tin Tin

Poor you having to lose so much weight. I'd hate my mum to put me on a diet. I LOVE my food.

I thought of you when we were at the beach the other day. I just love the beach but my mum told me I can't run off anymore after nice looking ladies.

Thank you heaps for your kind Birthday wishes, and for Beau too. The cake was very yummie but I had to share it with Hobson, Rose, Khomet, uncle Phil and mum, but I did not mind.

Hope your mum changes her mind about your diet.

Love from your friend, Hammer

Mike and Mati said...

Tin Tin - Great photos. You really are accomplished! And what? No Biscuits?? Oh my gosh! What has your world come to? My Dad says I can put on a few pounds, but I just contemplate the idea.... hmmmm, some other time. Yawnnnn. Time for bed and dreaming about biscuits. I love biscuits. Yummm!

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